As we get closer to the end of this month, I thought I’d check in and make note of a few things…

  1. This Wednesday (March 31st) is your last chance to get CND mini base coats or mini top coats at 20% off ($2.40 each, additional discount if you purchase more than four). Next month’s special will be a discount on pedicures!
  2. I have noticed that my interactions on my FB page are way down. Interactions are how I grow as a business. Please, please, please… it takes a few seconds to hit the Like, Love, or make a comment, and just a little longer to share something I post on your own profile. I need more clients; it’s as simple as that. And, I need YOUR help to do that.
  3. I do have a referral program; remind me if you refer a new client to me!
  4. I’ve gotten quite a few phone calls lately (I *REALLY* prefer you to text me, btw) where whoever is calling doesn’t leave a message, calls & hangs up multiple times, etc. I*will not* answer the phone if I don’t know the number, if I’m with a client, etc. The best way to reach me is TEXTING, but either way, please have patience for me to return your message (I do run a business; it’s just me). Some of your questions can be answered by actually reading through the information readily available on my website or my FB Page (I’m surprised how many calls I get for acrylics, and 90% don’t know about my Booking Fee!)
  5. Also, it’s super helpful if you’re a potential new client to give me your name (you’d be surprised at how many people don’t do this!), which particular service(s) you’d like, and what days/times work best for you.
  6. Please take note of my communication hours. These are hours I may or may not be at the salon, but consider myself “open” to take calls, make appointments, etc. You are welcome to call, text, email, PM, etc any time you’d like (you’re not bothering me); I will just ignore you if it’s after 6pm or before 8am (I do turn my phone off at night), it’s a Sunday, or a big holiday.
  7. I have also noticed a couple of my newer clients have turned off the Marketing messages from my business. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS!! I am a one-woman show and this is the only way I have to let you know when I have changes or updates. It’s also how the reminder emails go through (I don’t use the text reminder feature; that is an additional monthly fee).
  8. Due to some recent events, I also had to add a nail shape/length change fee. If you need more than just a little tweaking, let me know ahead (just as you should be for your broken ones) so I can make sure I have the time in my schedule to accommodate your request!