Many of you have asked why I’ve decided to sell off most of what I had in my salon, no longer use most OPI products, and cut ties with the company as a whole. Here’s the long of it:

Okay… First, back when OPI was bought out, which was at least 10 years ago, I started hearing from some techs that their customer service also went by the wayside. I did not have any need for c.s. at the time, as I had distributor & educator friends if I needed anything. From my current dealings with them, I now know that Wella (yes, the hair care products) runs their Pro Nail Tech division. Small backstory, five or six years ago, I took some OPI professional training on three or four of their different product lines. I have been listed as an OPI Pro on their website since then. Anyway, I currently use GelColor, their original heavy metal LED lamp that I’ve had for like eight years, I *had* a bunch of OPI traditional polish (which I have since sold), and all of their peripherals (BondAid, Drip Dry, their gp removal wraps, polish thinner, three different specialty Nail Envy base coats, three different top coats, etc – now listed on my local Buy/Sell/Trade sites).

PART ONE – Over the last few months, each pack of the remover wraps I’ve gotten has contained at least a few that were completely missing the cotton, and/or had just a very skinny strip of cotton instead of a good chunk like they normally do. About six weeks ago, I decided I should probably let them know that this manufacturing issue has happened and see if they would send me one replacement pack. Keep in mind, I pay $25 for 250 wraps (almost double $$ what other brands cost, because OPI’s are a thicker foil)… Anyway, I sent them a message on Facebook with pictures explaining that I’m an almost 17-year veteran Nail Tech, but I’ve been using their product since before I was a teenager. I sent pictures, and explained what the problem was. Then I asked for one replacement pack. They took five days to get back to me only to tell me that I needed to contact my distributor and that they don’t offer replacements or refunds, but that I could try to contact the Wella Pro Department by email and gave me that email address. I don’t believe a distributor should have to handle what is clearly a manufacturing issue. So I emailed them, and two days later, I got a response basically saying the same thing… They don’t offer Replacements or refunds, and I would have to go through my distributor to get a refund or replacement. I wrote back stating that it should not have taken 2 days to get back to me, and this isn’t a distributor issue. They should not have to absorb the cost of a refund or replacement, when this is clearly a manufacturing issue. Two or three more days went by, with no response, so I posted on their FB page about their (lack of) customer service, especially when it comes to their Pros, going downhill since they got bought out years ago. The very next day, I got another email from their Pro Department stating that they would be sending me a replacement pack. They ended up sending me three packs, but I was already so pissed off at their lack of customer service, that I decided I was basically done with OPI as a whole. I *was* going to update my original post, but they had removed it from the page (not the way a professional company should be handling criticism).

PART TWO – Three summers ago, there was a nail tech swap party at one of my nail sisters’ house. I know that over time, the LED lamps lose power so when one of my fellow nail sisters had the same lamp that I did, and she was willing to sell it to me for $25, I took the deal. Two years ago, the power supply of my lamp stopped working (there are two parts to the LED lamps’ cord… the power supply has a cord directly into the back of the lamp, and then there’s the power cord part of it that attaches to the power supply and then into an outlet), so I pulled the power supply from the one I got from my nail sister friend. Two weekends ago, that one went out as well. You can find replacement power supply cords on eBay and Amazon, but there is no guarantee that they are exactly the same, nor that they won’t fail. Apparently, about 25% of them fail within the first couple of months. Anyway, I sent the OPI Pro Department, again, a message stating that I’m a 17 year Nail Pro and have been listed as an OPI professional for years, and asked how much a replacement power supply for the original LED lamp would cost me. Their first response was basically telling me they appreciate my brand loyalty and needed to walk me through the warranty procedure, so asked for some information from me. I responded with the information they were looking for, some photos of exactly what I was asking to be replaced, and I said that I bought it about eight years ago, I just need a new power supply not the plug-in part, I don’t have a receipt, I know it’s out of warranty, and I’m willing to pay for the power supply; I just didn’t want to get it online. What they responded with was that they do not “retail power cords for older lamps…” so my last email back to them was that technically, it wouldn’t be retailing as I’m a professional Nail Tech, and that obviously somebody wasn’t paying attention because I said power supply not power cord. I also told them this is the second time that they’ve pissed me off recently, that their customer service has gone downhill since they got bought out especially when it comes to taking care of their Pros, and that they have officially lost me as an OPI customer.

That was a week and a half ago, and I have not gotten any response from that. So, even though I love the quality of their products, I’m only going to keep using the wraps they sent me and the roughly 150 bottles of gel polish that I still own until they’re gone, replacing them with similar colors in other (more professional & caring) brands. Everything else will be sold, given away, or thrown in the garbage. If you’re interested, please check out the FOR SALE album here.

For the record – in traditional polish – I now carry Morgan Taylor, Lechat, a few in misc other brands, and I offer Dazzle Dry 5m dry polish (for an additional $5/mani or pedi), as well. In gel polish, Artistic Nail Design, Elegant Glass, Gelish, Luxio, Luxa, LeChat, Kiara Sky, Wildflowers, and more.