<A> Current available work hours are:
Every other Tuesday — noon-8p
Wednesday-Saturday — 8a-5p

I’m still only answering business-related messages (emails, texts, DMs, etc) Monday through Saturday, 8a-6p. If you message outside of that, there’s a 99% chance I won’t answer you. Sundays is my one day completely off, no matter what! And, it should go without saying, I won’t answer you on major holidays or during any (rare) vacations, either (come on… really?!?!).

<B> Speaking of vacations, I have two currently scheduled for this year, so take note!
(1) Anniversary trip is scheduled for April 3th-5th. That means I will stop answering you no later than 6p on April 2nd, and will resume answering you no earlier than 8am April 6th.
(2) Summer trip is scheduled for Sept 4th-9th. Same things apply.

<C> With Oregon’s indoor mask mandate lifting March 12th, please remember that *individual businesses* can make their own decisions. Although the risks are lower, they are not gone. Two of the most important people in my life are high risk — my 2 month old grandson (who cannot get vaccinated) and my husband. That being said, my coworkers and I had a meeting, and we all agreed to keep requiring proper mask usage inside the salon. If you can’t, or no longer want to, wear a mask (over your nose & mouth), please contact me asap so I can cancel your upcoming appointments.

<D> I have two new services!!! If you’re looking for the ultimate in pampering and self care, my new DELUXE Spa Manicure and DELUXE Spa Pedicure may be exactly what you need. Click on the links to check out the details, then contact me to schedule!!

<E> As always, I do have retail available! If you need nail/skin care items, please let me know. I have:
* Dazzle Dry mini kits
* At home mani or pedi kits
* Gel polish/enhancement removal kits
* Acetone/Polish remover
* Lotions
* Cuticle Oils
* Foot files
* Foot care foams & sprays
* Lip balm & scrub
* Body oil sprays
* Hand sanitizers