This package includes any multi-person special ceremony (weddings, prom, homecoming, civil unions, handfasting ceremonies, and the like). UPDATED to reflect pricing & policy changes effective June 1, 2023:

Special ceremony packages are simple… But, require pre-planning, and pre-payment. I charge $100/hr (additional for on-site, after hours, or Sunday, appointments).

This is an LGBTQ+ friendly business. As such, please give me your & your SO’s name and pronouns. For easy wording purposes in print, I will use P1 and P2 (Person 1, 2, etc).

A free consultation prior to your appointment slot is *required*; must be done no more than 1 year prior (I cannot guarantee availability of your preferred dates/times, so the sooner you book, the better!), and is scheduled for one hour. Bare minimum, I need P1, but prefer to also have P2 present. At this appointment, we will discuss dates, colors, art, time, cost, etc. Please bring fabric swatches, pictures/ideas, sketches, etc with you. I will book your party at that time.

You are welcome to schedule your party in one of three increments — 4hrs, 6hrs, or 8hrs. The amount of time booked will depend on how many people & which services you choose. Prices are as follows:
4hrs — $400
6hrs — $600 (will also include refreshments)
8hrs — $800 (will also include refreshments)

I require half of all service cost to be paid at your free consult, and the remaining balance three months prior to your wedding. All monies are fully refundable *up to two months* prior to the wedding.

Please note — my room is small. To keep noise levels & stress down, I can only allow a max of three people at any one time. I also ask that you keep your scents to a minimum; I have scent sensitivities and would hate to have to cancel your party, with no refund, due to a migraine.

If your event requires that I work outside of my regular business hours, I will require a non-refundable $100 Out Of Hours fee, payable when booking, plus an additional $20/hour for on-site or Sunday salon spots.