About Me

The story of Artistry of the Nail
and Frequently Asked Questions

   In 2003, I lost my job in the financial industry. After trying to figure out what I wanted to do next, my (now) husband asked something to the effect of “Why don’t you do nails for a living? You already do it for fun. You should make money at it!” (See? He’s a smart man!) The NAIL TECHNOLOGY program at my local beauty school started in October of that year. By the time I finished my required 600hrs, it was April 23rd, 2004; I’d gotten married and had a job waiting for me at a cute little salon in SW Portland.

   I started out working two days per week, pounding the pavement to get clients whenever I wasn’t actively working. By the end of that year, the other two nail techs in that salon had moved on and I had acquired their clientele. Slowly over the next 10 years, I built my micro-salon mostly by word of mouth, helped along by the development of relationships with other techs as well as employees at all my local beauty supply stores. I’m now at a different salon in NW Hillsboro, and have no plans to go anywhere any time soon.

   Constantly improving my skills and continuing my education within my industry are two of the most important things I do to set myself apart from others (*not* required in Oregon, by the way). Through the many forms of social media, as well as through my loyal clients, I’ve built a reputation for quality work, excellent customer service, and the highest in sanitation & disinfection standards. I’m friendly, detail-oriented, and I’m good at what I do. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing spa experience with classic options, the current go-to nail trend, or anything in between, I’m the tech you’re looking for.

Certifications/Industry Classes:

Artistic Nail Design RockHard Gel Systems (training)
Artistic Colour Gloss (training)
CND Master Painter
CND Master Architect
CND Master Sculptor
CND Shellac Certified
Elegant Glass Nails (misc product training)
OPI GelColor (training)
Famous Names IBX Certified
Atwood Industries e-file Certified
Wildflowers Nail Art training
IBX by Famous Names Certified
Dazzle Dry Certified
Prevention Certified

Publications Featuring Artistry of the Nail:

Nails Magazine:


  • Glencoe High Lacrosse Team, 2016
  • Hillsboro High Football, 2016
  • Hillsboro High Theatre, 2017
  • Hillsboro High Theatre, 2018
  • Hillsboro High Yearbook, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

Due to family and personal commitments, my availability is as follows:

  • Every other Tuesday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.
  • Wednesday through Saturday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

I work by appointment only and may not be in the salon during these hours. I do not work Sundays and Mondays, nor any major holidays. I will take business calls on Mondays, if necessary, but no business calls or messages are made nor answered on Sundays; that is MY day off! Please allow up to 24 hours for me to return your call; I am very busy and don’t always have time the same day you leave a message. Texts are *PREFERRED* & usually answered quicker. My communication hours are (usually) Monday through Saturday, 8:00 am until 6:00 pm.

Do you send appointment reminders?

Appointment reminders are automatically emailed to you from the Schedulicity system 48 hours prior to your appointment, and texted at 24hrs prior (DO NOT turn off or unsubscribe the Marketing messages from Schedulicity; that is how reminders, and all other business related information is sent to you). If you wish to cancel your appointment, please do so at this time by emailing me or contact directly. Late cancel (less than 24hr notice) & no show appointments are charged the full cost of the scheduled service.


I'm going to be late! What do I do?


If you are going to be more than 5 minutes late, please call or text. If you are more than 10 minutes late, your scheduled service may be shortened or rescheduled. If you are more than 15 minutes late, I reserve the right to not only reschedule you, but to also charge you a missed appointment fee (not to exceed the cost of your booked service).

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Please cancel/reschedule at least 24 hours in advance; failure to do so may result in a “no show” fee of the full price of your missed appointment and/or required prepayment for future appointments. Each situation is taken into consideration, but for the most part, if you don’t show, I sit idle, and that is money lost. This is my career, not a hobby; I have people to support. If you are in any way sick, PLEASE reschedule your appointment (especially during the current pandemic). I don’t get “paid sick days”, like a lot of you do, and it is much easier to reschedule one appointment (yours) than it would be for me to reschedule 1-3 full days’ worth of clients if I am sick.

Do you take checks?

No checks. All clients can pay either by credit card (I currently use Square as my processing company) or cash (please bring exact; I can’t guarantee I’ll have change). I also do not accept PayPal, Venmo, Facebook Pay, CashApp, or any other method of payment.

Do you offer refreshments?

You are welcome to bring a bottled water or lidded/strawed drink, but please limit your use; I don’t schedule extra time for you to sip your drink. I have no food on premises, nor are you allowed to bring any into my studio.

Can you do home appointments?

I do not work at my home since it is not setup to meet the specific Oregon regulations and additional certification. I also do not work in your home for the same reasons.

Can I bring children or pets?

Please leave small children at home, unless (1) they are receiving nail services, AND (2) you’re able to stay for their entire appointment. While I love children, I am not a babysitter. NO ANIMALS ARE ALLOWED (unless true service animals). It is against Oregon state laws and I can be fined/shut down for that.

Do you accept walk-ins?

I do not take walk-ins at this time, nor do I allow same day appointments. For everyone’s safety, our doors are locked at all times. I am a one-woman show and work by appointment, only. I also can only accommodate one client at a time. Due to the size of my studio, I also ask that, unless absolutely necessary and you’ve ok’d it with me ahead of time, that you do not bring *anyone* with you to your appointment.

When should I book my appointment?

The easiest way to book an appt with me is to TEXT me, EMAIL me, or send me a PM through my FB Page. I absolutely despise talking on the phone, so if you leave me a voicemail, be aware I’ll probably just text you back. When leaving any message, please be as detailed as possible, and if it’s your first time, I’ll need your first & last name, your cell number, and your email address.

I HIGHLY suggest pre-booking your appointments as far out as possible, especially if you want in during my “prime” appointment times. Please schedule your holiday and/or wedding appointments AT LEAST three months in advance of your special events. A free consultation (up to 1 hour) prior to paid appointment is highly recommended (I like to do these about one month before your actual appointment). We discuss colors, art, time, cost, etc. Once you’ve been a good client for a few appointments, I will open up your ability to book or cancel your own appts, if you wish!

It is, of course, your choice to go more than 2 weeks between appointments, but since that increases your removal/rebalance (fill) time and your risk of service breakdown (gel polish and/or enhancements), and requires more product and time for the redo, I do charge for breaks and/or repairs. This ONLY applies with my enhancement services, not traditional- or gel polish-only appointments (although your gel polishes should NOT stay on more than 3 weeks; they also have potential for service breakdown and may be more difficult to remove).

How do I book?

If it’s your first time requesting an appointment with me:

(1) Read through my FB Page or this website to get a feel of who I am as a professional, what services I actually offer, and to see if we’re a good fit.
(2) TEXT me, PM me through my FaceBook Page (not my personal profile, please), or EMAIL me. I’ll need to know what, if anything, is on your nails currently, which service(s) you’d like, what days & times work best for you, and any other information that you think may be relevant. Please include your first & last name, your cell number, and your email address.
(3) Promptly pay the Booking Fee invoice (if you don’t see it in your inbox, check your spam).
(4) Send me your art ideas (if you’ve scheduled nail art) at least two days prior to your appointment.
(5) If needed, message me to cancel/reschedule *no less than* 24hrs prior to your scheduled appointment.


If you’ve seen me in the past, but it’s been a while:

(1) Message me in whichever method listed above is most comfortable.
(2) Let me know which service(s) you’d like and when you’d like in.
(3) Send me your art ideas at least two days prior to your appointment.
(4) If needed, message me to cancel/reschedule *no less than* 24hrs prior to your scheduled appointment.

Can you do a special look for me?

Of course I can! There are a few things outside my comfort zone as well as outside my skill level (detailed hand painting and horizonal ombres, for two…), and I refuse to do any form of “French”. But, if you have a special look you’re going for, please PM me photos at least a week in advance. This helps ensure (a) I can actually do what you’re asking, (b) that I have enough time to do as you’ve requested, and (c) I can give you a rough idea of how much it’s going to cost you.