Some of you have asked so here goes… This year was the 10th anniversary of the Oregon Nail Expo. When Kristen started this, it was held in a conference room in a small hotel in Kaiser, Or and was called the Willamette Valley Nail Event (or something to that effect). It’s grown into quite the event, so we’ve been at the PDX Sheraton for the last few years. I’m not sure of the final numbers, but I overheard there were at least 500 attendees this year!
I made a list about a week prior (after consulting clients) by company of products I wanted/needed, and tables/friends I wanted to stop by to say hi to (some friends live out of state!), and made sure I had a couple soft shopping bags to fill. I got there about 10m before entry and not only was it difficult to find parking (I had to park way over in the next door hotel’s lot!), but there was already a line. Once it was time, the line moved pretty quickly, though. It was so packed, my anxiety kicked in, but I was able to get everything on my list (and then some). Some of us had a lot more patience than some, and I got yelled at by a lady I accidentally hit with my bag (eyeroll).
I got new gel polishes, stamp plates, stuff for pedicures, and other goodies. The owner of Light Elegance gave me some free cuticle oils because he didn’t have the size I wanted (he’s so sweet), I gave my e-file hand piece to the owner of Atwood Industries for a once-over (I’ll get it back within the week), and my bestie nail sister, Holly, gave me the best hug and some goodies from Famous Names (maker of the IBX treatments I use on some of my clients). I got one nail demo at the X-Tens booth (the original creators of the soft gel full coverage tips), and left by 1230p.
I try to take at least one class every year, but the only class I wanted this round was only available Saturday (the whole show runs Sat-Mon, with most of the paid education Sat & Mon, and the network/demo/discount purchases on Sun). It was a diabetic pedicure class, and I’m super bummed. I will be researching to see if I can find an online course to refresh my skill set for these. I did find an online course from OHSU on how to recognize melanoma and be part of their beauty professionals “melanoma spy” team. When I have a couple free hours, I’ll take that one.
Anyway, I missed a few friends but this is what anxiety does. My mental health comes first, but I did send “Sorry I missed you…” messages to them. Also, I didn’t get a VIP pass this year (which would have gotten me in an hour earlier, and a fabulous goodie bag), but I may do it next year! Questions? Leave a comment!