This month, on June 22nd, I turn 48 years old. In honor of that, and in recognition of a non-profit I’ve partnered with, I’m taking donations for Joyful Transitions PDX. I’ve known Rhian (founder) since they were a small child, and I have been present for all the changes they’ve gone through. Rhian did not have ALL the support they should have in figuring out who they are. Rhian and their partner, Ty, seek to assist other trans and non-binary individuals (& their families, if possible) in the Portland area with information and transition materials, so they don’t have to go through such a rough time. I’ve been working with their non-profit for a couple years, and want my partnership to be active. That being said, for the month of June, I’ll be accepting cash donations in-studio. If you’d like to contribute online, here is their LinkTree (you can donate to their PayPal or purchase swag, etc). They also *hope* to be at PRIDE with a booth this month! One more thing — JTPDX is now a 509(a) charity, meaning they are a 501c3 Tax-exempt Organization!