I posted this as a NOTE on my FB page, and as a direct email to everyone on my Schedulicity list. I am also posting it here, and will post it on my Google page as well. My goal is to make sure everyone who is a current client, past client, and future potential client reads and understands what will need to happen for me to reopen and remain so. Everyone with an appointment on my books will need to confirm they’ve read, understand, and consent to these, and potentially more, guidelines/rules/mandates if they wish to keep said appointment.

(1) Although salons in Oregon are allowed to open in Phase One *if the county they are in has been approved to do so*, Washington County is not one of them. Polk, Marion, Clackamas, and Multnomah counties are also not approved to open as of yet.
(2) If you visit a salon in an open county and expect to keep your first appointment with me when I can reopen, think again. I will be requiring a 14 day minimum after I reopen before you can return. I ask that you continue to wait patiently for me to be able to legally, and *safely*, reopen.
(3) All hard gel clients will need to make sure their product is completely removed prior to their appointments. If you haven’t removed your gels yet, please contact me to purchase a removal kit. I will be scheduling all “rebalance” appointments currently on the books as “new set” appointments, and charging $80. This includes short-medium length, and gel polish only. If you want a little art, please keep it fairly simple, and PM me ahead so I can give you a total. {see #16}
(4) All gel polish clients should come free of product, as well. Your base appointment will be $46. If you want a little art, please keep it fairly simple, and PM me ahead so I can give you a total. {see #16}
(5) I will not require, but I will HIGHLY suggest, that you also schedule an IBX Repair & Strengthen add on. This is $10.
(6) Although I will still take cash, I will ask you to bring exact $$, and your money will go directly into a plastic baggie. I will not offer change at this time.
(7) If you choose to use your card, please note that my tablet, stylus, and card reader will be wiped down before & after each use, then put away. I am also willing to do contactless by invoicing you the day before your appointment. Please note, that does charge me a little higher of a fee than swiping.
(8) If you are one of the two clients who write a check, please have it filled out & ready to go prior to your appointment. That, too, will go directly into a plastic baggie, and will not be deposited for at least three business days (possibly longer).
(9) ALL clients will be required to have an appointment. All existing clients will continue on their current schedule, unless I have an earlier spot to put you into. I will be contacting everyone in order as soon as I know my reopen date. I will continue to block online booking for now, so please PM or text me if you’d like to get in after I’m open, and you’re not already on the books.
(10) New clients will be required to pay a $30 Booking Fee. This is not refundable for any reason, and goes toward your appointment cost. There will be a minimum of one week waiting time, probably more; depending on my current clients’ needs. However, I definitely will have room for new, loyal, clients!
(11) You will be required (per Gov B and OHA) to wear a mask; please put it on before you enter the salon, and do not remove it until you are back outside or in your car. If this is a problem for you, please let me know asap so I can cancel your appointments until that mandate is lifted. I will also have some masks for sale; if you wish to purchase, you’ll need to arrange for an appointment/time to pick up (since we are not allowing extra people in the salon, you’ll need an “appointment” to shop, unless you have one to wear, and are purchasing more during your appt time).
(12) You will be required to stay in your car until I let you in to the salon. Please text me when you pull in, and wait for me to come to the door to let you in.
(13) Do not bring anyone with you (no children, no spouse, no friends, etc).
(14) Do not bring food or drink into the salon.
(15) Leave your personal items, except form of payment & keys, in your car if at all possible. Your phone, purse, etc will be off-limits during your appointment.
(16) You will not be allowed to touch any of my polishes, nail art items, swatches, etc. PLEASE PM pics of what design you’d like no less than two days prior to your scheduled appt. That gives me time to pull items I will need before you come in.
(17) If you are sick, IN ANY WAY/SHAPE/FORM, please cancel your appointment!! My current policy is to waive my cancellation fee if you sick-cancel before your appointment. However, I am temporarily adding the requirement of *no less than two hours prior to appt*, and the morning of (for those who are scheduled in the afternoon). Sick cancellations made less than two hours prior/the morning, or if you show up to your appointment sick, you will be sent home and charged full price.
(18) Although many of my fellow beauty professionals are raising their prices to account for the extra COVID requirements (masks, gloves, cleaning time, less clients/day, etc), I will not be doing so. However, if you wish to include a tip at this time, I will not say no.
(19) I wrote a long blog post with more info; that can be found HERE.
(20) A full list of OREGON SALON REOPEN REQUIREMENTS can be found HERE; please read in full so you understand what to expect.
(21) An updated message will be sent via email from my Schedulicity account when we get closer to reopening.

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