A few new things this round!! Please message me if you have questions.

(1) As some of you may have noticed, and others have not (or choose to ignore it?), there is a new feature for all who receive text reminders. Schedulicity now asks that you confirm your appointment (similar to my other scheduling services). Please help me by using that feature (respond “confirm”) when you get your text reminders. Thank you!

(2) I’m starting to work on an updated service menu. Yes, this means a price adjustment for some services ($2-$5). No, I haven’t figured out specifics, yet, but things have drastically gone up for me and my last increase was June 1st, 2023. So, June 1st, 2024, some services will have an increased cost for you. If your appointments no longer fit in your budget, or we need to reconfigure them (3 weeks instead of 2, or something), let me know asap.

(3) When washing your hands before services, please only use the ORANGE hand soap (it’s Dial Antibacterial) & scrub with a clean nail brush. Please do not use the yellow hand soap or the lotion in the corner; those are mine due to perimenopausal excema (same reason I wear gloves).

(4) As the weather gets nicer, you may want to add on to your scheduled service(s), like mask, massage, paraffin, etc. Please ask, or take a look at my website for the full list of add-ons available to you. But, always give me plenty of notice to make sure I can actually add it.

(5) If you are signed up to schedule your own appointment, you can now RESCHEDULE!! However, please text me when you use this feature because the email *I* get from Schedulicity makes it look like a new appt (hopefully they’ll fix this issue!!).

(6) I will be making a big schedule change starting this fall (October 1st). Once I figure out all the details, I will fill everybody in, and readjust some of your appointments accordingly.

(7) I post regular updates (available appointments, schedule/price changes, things you should know, etc) to my FB, IG, and TT Pages (links below). Please check those before messaging me (and feel free to FOLLOW me), as the answer to your question may be readily available.