HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!! Failure to read this does not exclude you from my policies… That being said, instead of me making resolutions, I have a few requests/reminders/new policies:

(1) Be 5 minutes early to your appointment. This allows you time to use the restroom, wash hands, put your stuff away, and get settled.

(2) When washing your hands, you MUST use a clean nail brush & scrub. If you need to use the restroom, take one with you & use it!

(3) Put your phone AWAY!! and on vibrate or off. Please put it in the desktop organizer or in your purse/jacket pocket (and hang those things up on the hooks). I cannot have you getting on your phone while I’m trying to work.

(4) Recommend me to your friends & family, or on your local community/backfence group on FB. My books are not full and I’d like them to be. Remember, my income is the only one that currently supports my household. Help me grow. 🙂

(5) If you need to cancel or reschedule, you must do so no less than 24hrs in advance of your appt. If you no show, or cancel with less notice, you will be charged the full price of your scheduled appointment (medical exceptions, within reason). Payment is due *immediately*, & failure to do so may result in cancellation of all future appointments, a required prepayment, &/or not allowing you to book in the future.

(6) If you’d like to add on to your scheduled service(s), you can also do that yourself, or message me to do it. Add ons include — Dazzle Dry (regular polish dry in 5m), Gel Polish, Scrub (slough off that dead stuff), Paraffin Dip (awesome for these cold days we’re having!), extra massage time (who doesn’t want that?!!?), IBX treatment (strengthen your natural nails), and all the art (including Artist’s Choice)!!

(7) I always have candy available for you if you wish, but please eat them either before you wash your hands or completely after your appointment, not during.

(8) Starting this month, all Spa and Deluxe Spa services will also include an optional warm neck wrap and up to two stamps. Please let me know *one day prior* if you’d like these things.

(9) NAIL ART REMINDER — I need those texts two days before your appt, please.

(10) Most importantly, all manner of sicknesses are on the rise again. Not only is flu in full effect, but COVID is still a real concern, plus RSV and Shigella are making the rounds. To keep all of us healthy, if you have *any* sick symptoms within 48hrs of your appointment, please cancel/reschedule (even if you think it’s “just allergies”; I’ve had a couple clients who thought they had allergies who were diagnosed with something more serious a few days later). This includes, but is not limited to: cough, sneeze, runny nose, fever, etc. I will continue to wear my mask during your services, and highly recommend you do as well.