It’s June!! That means three things — <A> It’s PRIDE month, <B> It’s my birthday month (I turn 50y on June 22nd!!!), and <C> It’s pedicure season! Feel free to act/react accordingly! 😉

That being said:
(1) As promised, I have updated my pricing and changed a few names of some services on my menu. You can find all info here (SERVICE MENU). Please note your new pricing, including all add-ons. Feel free to DM or text me with questions, or if you need to make changes to your schedule.
(2) I have figured out my new work schedule, which starts October 1st! I will be working Wed – Fri, 8a-7p, and every other Saturday, 8a-5p. If we haven’t reconfigured your appointments yet, let’s chat at your next appointment!
(3) Another reminder to USE A NAIL BRUSH when washing your hands {there are still a few of you who don’t…}.
(4) Also a reminder to type *confirm* (no stars) when you get your text reminder.
(5) And, make sure you’re sending me your art ideas at least two days prior to your appointment. Anything less than that adds to my anxiety.
(6) If you don’t already have pedicures scheduled, and you’d like to, please message me to do so. As much as I love doing them, due to my back issues, I’m trying to limit them to no more than 3 per day.
(7) Remember those add-ons! Callus therapy, paraffin, massage, masque, and so much more (see website or ask for details).